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Senior Citizens Holding Vegetables in Garden

Managed and Founded by Nursing Professionals

A Board and Care with 24/7 Nursing Professionals to meet each resident's budget and needs.

    At Eagles Nest Eldercare Homes, our well-trained caregivers will provide your loved one with the best care.  We are dedicated to providing a more personalized and higher level of elderly care services.

     We have more than 18 years of experience in the field of senior care.We understand that people have different needs and each family situation is unique. That is why our caregivers and support staff ensure that there is clear communication with each of our clients. It allows us to provide the right care and best solutions.


     One of the advantages of choosing our senior nursing facility in Escondido is that we have 24/7 LVN and RN available. Family members will have their peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are well taken care of by our licensed professionals.  


     Eagles Nest is a retirement HOME dedicated to long-term care for the elderly. 

     We stand behind a continuous dedication to serve the elderly, which earned us the HIYAS Award in Home Healthcare.  We would like to thank all the residents, families, and staff for this award of excellence.  We will continue to provide the finest board and care homes in for the senior community.  





“I will definitely recommend Eagles Nest Eldercare Homes. This RCFE helped my mother in terms of her health needs. The staff is great , friendly and efficient .  They also have nurses in their facility which helped me not to worry about my mom.  Thank you ,Kevin Calhoun and the staff!”

                                                                Audrey Sellers


“They have a friendly stafff. Fresh home cooked meals that are super great!!! They have theme parties which my Dad is enjoying.  The party's purpose is to get to know other family members.,  The residents have these games that  they can exercise while having fun.  They prepare some decorations too , very creative.   With these theme parties, the staff, residents and their family get to know each other more. Eagles Nest Eldercare Homes, is the way to go!


Arthur Milton




“Aside from the the very hard working caregivers, Eagles Nest Eldercare Homes has professional nurses to attend on my parents' medical needs.  Some residential care facilities do not offer this type of service.  The owners are both nurses and we are so lucky that my parents are in good hands..They really know how to handle emergency cases.  They also  prepare personalized care plan for each resident. Check on their vital signs to ensure wellness.  Right now, I can relax and stay with my kids without worrying too much about my parents.  Do not look for a ranch, look for a home for your parents." 

                                                                                                                      Ralph Pearlman


"Thank you Kevin, Cherry and the staff, for your wonderful accommodation of my mom.  Everytime we go to your facility, we feel that we are a family.  There is sense of lightness all around.  All the residents are smiling and happy, that only shows they have a good experience in your facility. The staff really knows how to take care of my mom.  I will absolutely recommend Eagles Nest Eldercare Homes.

                                      Betty Taylor



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